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A unique live music hybrid entertainment group consisting of a multi-talented musician who plays guitar, keyboards, and sometimes drums. He is accompanied by a strong and versatile female vocalist. Together we sing and play over digital tracks which gives this combo the sound of a much larger band, providing band entertainment in Springfield, MA and band entertainment in Windsor, CT areas.


If you are looking for a DJ then we are able to give you the same affordable package with a person who has been in the entertainment business for many years. He knows how to keep a crowd dancing through his expertise in mixing songs.


The features of this group are the following:

  • Reasonable priced because there are much fewer members.
  • The sound is full even at softer volumes.
  • Not a lot of space is needed to accommodate the group.
  • Being a hybrid digital and live group means that any genre is available with all the instrumentation of that genre. 
  • The group features state of the art equipment and sound system.
  • The members are seasoned professionals that have been playing most of their life.


The benefits of the group are as follows:

  • A Professional and seasoned entertainment package at an affordable price.
  • Consistent sound quality.
  • Diversity in song selection to please all of your guests. Motown, Classic Rock, Country, Disco, Funk, Dinner music, Standards, Jazz, 50's, Big Band Swing, Pop, Top 40, Easy listening, and everything in between. 

Weddings, Parties, Mixers, Clubs, Lounges, Restaurants


We are looking to promote "Chamber of Commerce" mixers in your area. If you feel your Chamber would be interested in having a monthly mixer - please contact us. We'd love to help you plan and promote it.

This would be a perfect time for a fund raiser event especially around the holidays. We would be happy to participate in such a drive.


We will be posting videos of the group soon, so please check back again.


In many cases we will provide you with a free evening of entertainment for future booking dates should you feel we would be an attraction to your club, restaurant, lounge, etc.

Note: This would be available to a venue that is open weekly and considering or already featuring weekly entertainment.

Contact us to schedule an in-person meeting for details on this offer.


We are looking for a lounge that is trying to build a clientele by offering entertainment. We are willing to work with you on price for a time until people start to get word that we are there.

We can offer different genres on different nights of the week if you are looking to have specialty music during the coarse of the week.

For example:

  • Wednesday's feature "Country Music"
  • Thursday's feature "Motown Review"
  • Friday's and Saturday "Favorites of "Classic Rock", "Pop", and "Top-40" hits.
  • Sunday's feature "Oldies Night"


We are always looking to spotlight local talent by sharing the stage with those who can sing. However, we are not an amateur show, so one's condition to being on stage with us is that you can sing well.

If you would like to audition please contact us, we'd love to give you a spotlight opportunity. Bring your friends and let them share your excitement.


Q. Can you play any style of music?

A. Yes, and play it with all of the instrumentation that you'd expect to hear with the genre.

Q. What do you charge for a 4-hour engagement.

A. It would depend on how many entertainers you would like, how many hours, and how far away the event is. You can also take a look at our price list on this website.

Q. Can you play dinner music while people eat and then dance music after dinner.

A. Absolutely! We have a wonderful cocktail hour music selection.

Q. What size room can you play?

A. We can play larger rooms of 300-400 people and smaller rooms of less than 100 people. We can also accommodate outside fairs and events. 

Q. Can you MC a wedding, and is there an additional charge to do so?

A. As "Inspector Clouseau" would say, "But of Coarse". AND - there is no additional charge ever.

Q. We like the idea of a combo DJ and Band concept, but if we want additional band members is that possible?

A. Yes, we can provide a full compliment of musicians and entertainers, should you require more of a "Show" event.


Some of the live recordings in different genre. We can play most genres. i.e. Classic Rock, Country, Motown, Oldies, Standards, Swing, Funk, Pop, Top-40, and Techno, etc. 



Stream music and playlists with SoundCloud and wow your visitors with your tunes.


Stream music and playlists with SoundCloud and wow your visitors with your tunes.

Price List

Local means less than a 30-minute drive to the event. Prices are based on distance and preparation required.


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